Why should you do Backlinks?

Why should you do Backlinks?

A backlink is a link created to link one website to another. Backlinks are also identified by the names of “inbound links” or “incoming links”. Backlinks are very important for SEO as they are the signal that your page has a quality or worth information about a topic that is being linked with. It helps in reaching more people.

Mentioned below are a few examples of the types of backlinks:

  • Contextual links from another website
  • Contextual links from guest posting on another site
  • Inclusion in a content roundup
  • Inclusion on a resource page
  • Forum posts/blogs
  • Inclusion of links on social media
  • Inclusion of links in a testimonial, etc.


It is important to add relevant contextual backlinks to your site. Now let us look why it is important:

  1. Improves ranking – Backlinks help to get search rankings. If your content is getting links from any other sites, it will naturally start to rank higher as compared to the sites/blogs of your competitor. The motive should be to create links to individual posts leading to your homepage.
  2. Faster recognition – The search engine discovers new webpages following the backlinks attached to the webpage. It will be difficult for a search engine to find your website if it does not have backlinks. If you’re the owner of a new website, it’s a must.
  3. Related traffic – This is one of the major benefits as it helps in attracting related traffic. For example, if a person is reading a post may click on the links attached to the post to know more about the related topic. Since many people click on the link voluntarily and are less likely to leave the page soon.
  4. Online publicity – As the backlinks improve ranking and attract traffic it directly increases your publicity. As soon as people start learning about your work, direct followers will increase.



  1. Eye-catching articles – If you want people to reach you, you should give them the reason to do it. Eye-catching posts are the reason.  Easy language, interesting phrases make the posts attractive. You can also solve problems, crack a joke, have a unique angle, or build a comment section for the same.
  2. Guest posts – Guest posting is a strategy where you write for other people’s websites/blogs. If a website has written on a particular topic before, they will be more than interested in your post/blog on the same topic. You can search the backlink for the same on the web. To increase your chances of being accepted, sites should be searched which allows guest blogging.
  3. Copying your competitor’s backlink style – Your competitor must have developed plenty of backlinks and if your website is new, its chances are huge. This can be used as an advantage. Find out how they are getting their link and follow them. There’s a great tool for that called “Link Intersect”. This will tell you who is linked to your competitor and not you.
  4. Submission to web directories – Submitting your articles to web directories is also one of the easiest ways to get backlinks. Reach out to the authentic websites and not the ones who use your backlinks to get traffic to their web directories.


I hope this article helped you to understand bout backlinks and how to use them to your advantage.

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Happy Blogging!